Garden Variety Forum

Hilltown Seed Saving Network presents

A Garden Variety Forum

Sunday, February 3rd 1-4pm

Cummington Community House

33 Main St, Cummington, MA

Moderated by Tevis Robertson-Goldberg, Crabapple Farm

Forget the snow, Think Spring! It’s time to think about what we’re going to put in our gardens this year. Garden catalogs present us with many options – but how do you choose? This is going to be a community discussion of what vegetable varieties we have found that work best in our gardens. No one can try growing everything, but we can learn from our neighbors. Share your favorites, as well as what didn’t work out. Learn from someone else’s mistakes, and find out about a great variety that you’ve never tried. Feel free to bring your favorite seed catalogs.

We will focus on open pollinated varieties that we could save seed from ourselves, especially ones that are particularly well adapted to our area. We’ll discuss what tastes best, what has the best disease resistance or is the earliest to ripen or is most productive – and where to find the seed (or seedlings). Expect to hear many opinions, because everyone’s experience is different!

We’ll begin at 1pm with an introduction to seed saving, why it is important, how to save seed from a few crops, and how to learn more. We’ll end the Garden Variety Forum by collectively identifying what crops are the most important to our community to save seed from, and discussing ways to collaborate over the season to come on seed saving and general gardening efforts.

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