As you grow, keep seed saving in mind!

While you’re growing this summer, don’t forget to save up seed for this fall’s Seed Exchange!  It will be on Saturday, November 23rd, 2013, at the Cummington Community House, 33 Main St., Cummington, MA.  Bring your seeds and see what your neighbors have been growing.  It’s a great time to share seeds and knowledge about what’s working and what’s being adapted to our local climate.

And as you start to store up your seeds, don’t forget to list them in our new Virtual Seed Bank.  Whether you have enough to share or not, it’s a great way for us to organize our efforts and share knowledge as a community. The Virtual Seed Bank was developed by volunteer code developers Lou Franco and Beryl Hoffman along with web designer Rose Wessel at the Hack for Western MA Hackathon this summer.

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