Summer Workshops

Seed Saving: Beets & Brassicas, Sunday, June 30th 2pm-4pm.

This workshop will give an overview of seed saving practices and theories, with a focus on two families of crops: chenopods and brassicas, both of which are dry seed crops, and are often biennials.

Saving your own seed doesn’t have to be intimidating. Relying on commercial sources of seed prevents you from accessing many varieties that may be ideal for your farm or garden. In addition, saving seed allows you to become a breeder, selecting for traits that are important to you that professional breeders may not be thinking about.

We will look at and talk about several different seed saving projects that we are doing this summer, including beets, chard, arugula, and turnips. We will look at a few different seed crops in different stages of growth, to see how different plants mature. Overwintering, selection, isolation, and harvest and seed cleaning methods will all be discussed.

This workshop will be given by Tevis Robertson-Goldberg at Crabapple Farm, 100 Bryant Street, Chesterfield.

Suggested donation: $10

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