Virtual Seed Bank!

The Hilltown Seed Saving Network now has a Virtual Seed Bank so we can list seeds to share, search for local seeds we need, or even just share information about what we’re growing, what works and what doesn’t.

Visit the Virtual Seed Bank, sign up and take advantage of this great community resource! Not sure how to use it? Download the user manual, watch the video, or email Rose or email Coureton for assistance.

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2 Responses to Virtual Seed Bank!

  1. Meitar M. says:

    Hi. I was recently pointed here by a comment on my own blog post software similar to the Virtual Seed Bank that I’m developing. The Virtual Seed Bank looks very interesting to me. I maintain the WordPress SeedBank plugin, an add-on for self-hosted WordPress-powered websites that does basically the same thing your Virtual Seed Bank application does. If you’re still actively developing the Virtual Seed Bank, I’d love the chance to converse with you about it. Maybe we have some collaboration opportunities? 🙂

    • Hi Meitar. It sounds like your software was developed in a similar way to ours – a group of programmers getting together to build something for a bunch of non-programmers. I’m in the non-programmer group here (I can build a simple wordpress site, but that’s about it), but I will try to get you in touch with the folks who developed our software.

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