HSSN Winter Gathering February 21st

The Hilltown Seed Saving Network is extending an invitation to our wider community to attend a Winter social potluck and semi-formal discussion of the future direction of our efforts.

The Spring and Fall annual seed swap events are popular and successful anchors of the HSSN annual calendar.  We all look forward to many more years of organizing these events.  However, after four years, HSSN is considering new directions for its efforts and revisiting some ongoing ideas that have not taken root but may still be viable.  Members of the larger gardening/farming/seed-saving community are strongly encouraged to come forth and help us get a better sense of what’s next.  Topics under current consideration include physical seed banks and seed libraries, the Virtual Seed Bank, outreach, education, community seed-saving projects and others.


1:00 Potluck/socializing/seed browsing

1:40 Opening remarks/state of the HSSN

1:50 Small group discussions

3:00 Takeaways in large group


Please bring a dish of tapas/munchies/finger food to share.

If possible, include your saved seeds, products thereof or other homegrown ingredients in your dish.


If you  have seeds to share at this time, please bring them.  If you have empty seed envelopes at home, please bring them, too, so you  have containers for collecting your new seeds.


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