Seed Projects

Would you like to get involved in a seed saving group project this year? We are coordinating several small group projects. If you would like to propose and coordinate a project, please fill out the form below at the bottom of this page. As projects are submitted, they will be added to this page.

Corn Project

Onion Project

Tomato Breeding Project

Limon Hot Pepper Project

Rattlesnake Pole Bean Project

Melon Project

Sweet Potato Project

Winter Squash Project

Here are a few broad types of project (some projects may fall into multiple categories!):

Variety Trial / Grow out – An evaluation of existing varieties to find what works best. Might also include trialling different growing techniques, testing a seed lot for purity, etc. Ideally includes a control, a variety that is a standard against which others can be compared. Everyone involved in the project should grow the control, and may grow as many other varieties for comparison as they want.

Maintenance / Increase – This is a straight forward seed-saving project with the goal of maintaining an existing variety as it is, ideally involving isolation of cross pollinated crops and adequate population sizes to avoid inbreeding. Everyone involved in the project should be familiar with the variety and its desired traits, so that off-types can be identified and rogued.

Selection/Improvement – This is seed-saving with an eye towards changing an existing variety to make something new and improved. Selection within an existing variety is only valuable if that variety has demonstrated variability for an identifiable trait.

Breeding New Variety – This project begins with crossing two or more varieties to create a hybrid (purposefully or accidentally) or with identifying a genetic mutation leading to new traits. After the initial creation of genetic diversity, the project proceeds as a selection process, though new genetics can be added in multiple times.

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