Corn Project

Corn Project for 2014

Crop/ Species: Corn Flour/ Flint/ and Parching

Variety: Mandan Red / Abenaki Calais, Cascade Ruby Gold, Narraganset, Rhode Island White Cap / Supai Red

Project Type: Variety Trials, primarily

Primary Goals: Providing a Support Group for growing, harvesting, processing, grinding. Find out best dry corn for polenta meal and flour; evaluate flavor for parching corn.

Project coordinator: Jeanne Sargent

Contact Info: phone: 413-634-0170, email:

Other people working on the project:

Michael Alterman: growing “Narraganset” and “Rhode Island White Cap”,

Coureton Dalton: growing “Mandan Red”

Tevis Robertson-Goldberg: growing “Abenaki Calais” and “Cascade Ruby Gold”

Jeanne Sargent: growing “Mandan Red”, “Abenaki Calais” and “Supai Red Parch”

Volunteer /resource needs: additional growers of any of the above varieties would be welcome to broaden the sample

Additional Comments: 25 Supai Red Parch seeds are available. Additional seeds can be purchased from Seeds of Change.

Special Assistance Requested: Several growers need help with processing and grinding their corn.

Project Report is Here


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