Limon Pepper Project

Crop / Species: Hot Pepper / Capsicum frutescens

Variety: Limon

Project Type / Goals: Grow out seed from plants not isolated from Capsicum anuum varieties to evaluate level of cross pollination and establish isolation needs in future years.

Project coordinator: Crabapple Farm


Phone: 296-0310

Other people working on the project: Alicia Hackerson, Jason Comcowich, Chris O’Leary, Michelle Vigeant, Marcia Shaw, Karen Wittshirk

Volunteer / resource needs: Grow out  >6 plants, evaluate for true to type characteristics. Must report any off-types to Crabapple Farm!

Additional Comments: Seed or plants are available – let us know soon if you want to get involved to we can get you seed or start enough plants.

Project Report: There were no reports of off-types in any of the plants grown out. This indicates that Limon does not accept pollen from varieties of C. anuum and does not need to be isolated from them to maintain purity. However, this project did not address the question of whether the cross can happen the other way, and so it is possible that varieties of C. anuum could be receptive to Limon pollen.


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