Melon Project

Crop / Species: Melon/Cucumis/Citrullus

Variety: Many

Project Type / Goals: Variety Trial – West Chesterfield

I’m starting 4 of each variety in cells, and may direct seed a couple of each variety to see how that works too.

Varieties I am trialing are: Moon & Stars, Blacktail Mountain, Early Moonbeam, Cream of Saskatchewan, Carolina Cross, Tigger Melon, Hearts of Gold, Ha’Ogen, Minnesota Midget, Edens Gem, Banana Melon, Petit Gris de Rennes, Charentais, Golden Midget, Crane Melon

Project coordinator: Chris O’Leary


Phone: 617 899 6265

Other people working on the project:

Volunteer / resource needs: I have a couple extra seeds, if anyone would like a few to trial let me know…

Additional Comments: I do plan on saving some seeds, although they will be all mixed up…


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