Tomato Project

Crop / Species: Tomato

Variety: Several in progress – see below.

Project Type / Goals: Selecting from a genepool to create new varieties.
We have several genepools that we are working with:

>From Green Zebra X: “Orange Redheart / Zebra” “Bronze Zebra”

>From Green Pineapple X: “Green / Black Bicolor” “Blushed Bicolor – small strain” “Blushed Bicolor – large strain”

>From Isis Candy X: “Large Isis”

>From unknown parentage: “Yellow(Pink) Reg./Potato Leaf”

>From Honeydrop X Striped Roman: “Orange Plum” “Pointy Red Cherry” (?xMatt’s Wild?)
Project coordinator: Crabapple Farm; Tevis & Rachel Robertson-Goldberg
Email: Phone: 296-0310

Other people working on the project:

Coureton & Michelle: growing “Orange Plum”

Chris: growing “Pointy Red Cherry,” “Yellow(Pink),” “Green/Black”

Jason: “Green/ Black Bicolor,” “Large Isis”
Volunteer / resource needs: Growing out more plants, evaluating plants in the garden & kitchen. Selecting for fruit quality, flavor, appearance, disease resistance, earliness, plant vigor, etc. Volunteers must be able to grow >6 plants per genepool (for comparative purposes). Get together in August / September to taste test the best plants as a group and make selections.
Additional Comments: Seeds or plants are available.
Let us know soon if you want to get involved, so that plants can be started as needed

Project Report is Here


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