Winter Squash Project

Crop/Species: Squash ( Many varieties)
(Genus:Cucurbita, Species: Maxima,mixta,moschata and pepo)

Project Type/ Goals:  Squash sharing exchange and seed saving (i.e. Maintenance/Increase)  This project is about saving seed from several species of winter keeping squash.  Isolation will be done by having individual households grow specific types of squash that are not likely to cross pollinate or by hand pollination for those who feel able to do that.  Some folks are participating in growing squash  for the squash and seed exchange without planning to save seeds from the squash they grow.  At the end of the season we will exchange the many types of squash.  Over the winter folks will be asked to keep some minimal records about the squash from the seed saving squash and of course SAVE THOSE SEEDS for the seed pool.

Project Coordinator: Sadie Stull

Preferred method of contact:  Phone:  (413) 634-5013


Other people working on project:

Tamarin (Marin) –   Cushaw (green striped) , Delicata, Butternut

Sadie –  Oregon Sweet Meat, Delicata

Josh and Molly – Spaghetti, Delicata

Sal – Waltham Butternut (not for seed)

Kathy – Blue Hubbard, Cheese

Sheri – Golden Hubbard, Burpee’s Bush Butternut, Squisito Spaghatti

Kalyan – Kuri

Volunteer or resource needs:  Project coordinator could use someone who is savy at computer communication and organizing to help with coordinating that part of the project.  A record keeping form will be available at the sustainability library at the Creamery.

Other Notes:  Please get in touch by mid May if you are interested in joining in this project.  Seed might be available from folks in the group.


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